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The Story

Worship Service Resources, Inc. exists to help smaller churches with music and worship service planning, because we know resources are often limited. 

Tony Pangle, founder of Worship Service Resources, has served on staff in music and worship ministries for over 25 years in churches ranging in size from 60 in attendance to 3000. He has a degree in Music Education and understands the challenges unique to churches of various sizes.

Passionate about the worship ministry of the local church, Tony blends his love for Christ, heart for worship, and musical training. He particularly desires to be a support to smaller congregations.

In the early summer of 2004, the Lord clearly led Tony and his wife to leave the church where they had been serving on the music ministry staff for several years. The church was very large with an abundance of resources, including very talented musicians. Leaving this church without another church to go to was quite a step of faith. As they prayed over opportunities that summer, all they could discern from the Lord was, “Wait.”

By August, the Lord had birthed in their hearts a desire to do something to help smaller-membership congregations, but the picture wasn’t clear. Then, in October the Lord in His goodness placed Tony as Director of Music at a small, hurting congregation of about 80 members. This congregation had limited resources and limited musical talent – EXACTLY the type of church situation they wanted to help! They contacted the pianist from their previous church and asked if he would be willing to record piano accompaniment for hymns and praise songs for congregational singing. He graciously agreed. The piano accompaniment CDs worked beautifully, encouraging the congregation to sing old and new songs without overwhelming them with complicated arrangements . . . and Worship Services Resources was born!

The following summer, Tony and his wife began making the piano accompaniment CDs available at church conventions and through retail stores nationally. Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs are now used by thousands of churches across the country.

To God be the glory!