Do you ever need a good church pianist for congregational singing?

If you don't have a church pianist - or if you need an option when your pianist isn't available - our piano CDs are a wonderful solution for your congregation or small groups. 

WSR Piano Accompaniment CDs offer: 

  • Beautiful piano accompaniment designed for congregational singing - they're not complicated or overwhelming!

  • Easy-to-follow piano introductions - you’ll know just when to sing!

  • A beautiful stereo piano sound – not a midi file or a synthetic sound!

No band, complicated orchestrations, or confusing arrangements . . . just beautiful piano accompaniment that is always available and always ready!

Worship Service Resources, Inc. exists to help smaller churches with music and worship service planning, because we know resources are often limited. 

Tony Pangle, founder of Worship Service Resources, has served on staff in music and worship ministries for over 25 years in churches ranging in size from 60 in attendance to 3000. He has a degree in Music Education and understands the challenges unique to churches of various sizes.

Passionate about the worship ministry of the local church, Tony blends his love for Christ, heart for worship, and musical training. He particularly desires to be a support to smaller congregations.

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