Frequently Asked Questions about WSR Piano Accompaniment CDs

How do I use Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs?
Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs are designed to be easy to use! All you need is a CD player! Simply put the Piano Accompaniment CD in a CD player, choose the track, press play, listen for the piano introduction – you’ll know when to begin singing! Always practice with the CD before using it with the congregation so you'll be confident in leading.

What does split track mean?

Most of our Piano Accompaniment CDs are recorded with stereo piano accompaniment and no vocals. However, our “Sing to Him” CDs and “Blended Medleys” CD are recorded in split track. Split track simply means that during the recording process vocals are recorded on one track (or channel) and the piano is recorded on the other. To effectively use the split track, you need a boom box with a balance control or a sound system with the ability to separate the channels. It's really easy! If the balance control button is set in the middle, the vocals and piano will be at equal volume. Turn the button to the left to take out the voices and have only piano.

The split track recordings are designed to give you help in learning and leading the newer songs. In a worship service setting, the vocals can be used at full volume, can be turned down or taken out altogether - whatever best supports your congregation. "Sing to Him" Volumes One, Two and Three and "Blended Medleys" are recorded with vocals on the right channel and the piano on the left. If you have questions, feel free to contact Worship Service Resources at 1-877-977-6800.

Where do I get the lyrics for the songs that are not in my hymnal?

The lyrics to the songs on "Sing to Him" and "Classic Choruses" Piano Accompaniment CDs are printed on the CD insert. Contact Worship Service Resources for hymnal options that include most of the hymns.

How many verses are recorded on each hymn or gospel song?
Most Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs include 3 or 4 verses for each hymn or gospel song. The number of verses is clearly marked on the CD tray card.

Are Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs recorded in multiple keys
No, they are typically recorded with the lowest key we can find in print. The keys are noted on the tray card. We record the Piano Accompaniment CDs with only one key per track, with the exception of the recordings that have a key change on the last verse. If a song contains a key change, it is noted with an asterisk (*) on the tray card along with the key and the number of verses.

Do you have PowerPoint slides for the songs on your Piano Accompaniment CDs?

Yes!  Because so many folks asked for it, we developed HymnWords™ - a CD containing ready-to-use PowerPoint slides for over 140 hymns.  HymnWords™ is designed to be used with a computer, projecting the hymn lyrics on a screen or wall.  HymnWords™ has only the words.....no moving background and no music.  HymnWords™ uses only public domain hymns.

Does my CCLI License cover the use of Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs?
Yes, your CCLI License covers the songs included on Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs used in a worship service setting. Whether your church uses CCLI or another administrative service, be sure your church is complying with all copyright laws.

Can Worship Service Resources customize piano accompaniment CDs for our church?
Each of our Piano Accompaniment CDs is recorded with a predetermined list of songs. We are unable to customize CDs.

Can we make recordings or copies of Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs?
After purchasing our CDs, in an effort to create orders of service, you may save our CDs to your computer hard drive or other device. You may not copy or distribute Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment CDs for any other reason. Please contact us for further explanation. 1-877-977-6800