HymnWords™ - PowerPoint Edition

HymnWords™ - PowerPoint Edition


No songbooks? We can help!

The HymnWords™ PowerPoint Edition is a wonderful resource for use with congregations, small groups and outreach ministries.

Easy to Use!

The HymnWords™ PowerPoint Edition disc contains more than 140 PowerPoint files for your favorite hymns. The ready-to-use PowerPoint slides have simple solid-color backgrounds with easy-to-read words. The slides can be used "as is" or edited as needed. The PowerPoint slides correspond to the public domain songs included on the following WSR hymn CD titles:

25 Hymns of Jesus, My Savior

25 Hymns of The Cross & Jesus' Blood

25 Hymns of Hope & Heaven

25 Hymns of Prayer & Invitation

25 Majestic Hymns

25 Gospel Songs

25 Hymns of Christmas

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