Instructions for Worship Service Resources

Piano Accompaniment with Lyrics DVD

Congratulations on your purchase of this product from Worship Service Resources!

This short instruction manual is designed to make your life a little easier as you prepare

for your next church event and to provide you with an even smoother experience with

this product.

This manual will cover:

  1. Inserting the disc into your computer’s disc drive and what to expect when you do.

  2. Loading and saving the files to your computer’s hard drive for immediate access.

  3. Playing the video files.

Enough said, lets get started!

Inserting the Disc into Your Computer’s Disc Drive

Step One - In the package you received from Worship Service Resources you will have

received a disc! On this disc are the Piano Accompaniment with Lyrics video files.

After taking out the disc from it’s case insert it into your computer’s disc drive!

The disc drive will be located on your tower, if you have a “Desktop Computer” or on the

side of your computer if you have a “Laptop”. After inserting the disc into the drive and

closing the door, you will probably hear your computer make a little “breathing” noise

which means it is reading the disc.

Step Two - After waiting for a few seconds, more than likely a window will pop up on

your computer. ( If this doesn’t happen on your computer that’s not a problem you just skip this!)

Exit out of this window by clicking on the red X at the top right corner of the window, it

will go away. There is no need to hit “play” or “import” simply exit out of it.

Step Three - To access the video files simply go to the start screen then click on

computer! Several confusing icons will come up, but you want to double click on the one

that says “DVD RW Drive”, it may also be labeled “DVD-ROM” or something of that

nature. Once you have clicked on that icon you will have access to the video files,

double click on the selection you wish to play.

Saving the Video Files to Your Computer’s Hard Drive

This is a very important step for two reasons. One, you will always have the files on

your computer and accessible at anytime without having the disc inside the drive. Two,

this will help the video files load and run with ease because your computer is not

constantly reading the disc. ( Sometimes if you run the videos from the disc without

saving them on your drive, the videos will skip. This is because it is constantly trying to

load the disc)

Step One - After putting the disc into your computer’s disc drive go to the “Start Menu”

then click computer, then click the icon that says “DVD - ROM”. You will see the names

of the songs on the disc.

Step Two - After you can see all the songs on your screen, hold the “CTRL” and “A”

keys at the same time on your keyboard. All of the songs should now be highlighted.

While having your cursor hovering over one of the highlighted files “Right Click” with

your mouse. Select Copy.

Step Three - Exit out of all of the windows you have opened until you are looking at

your “Desk Top”. Once again “right click” with your mouse and select new, then folder.

You will be prompted to name your folder, I named mine “WSR Piano and Lyrics”.

After you have named the folder double click on it.

Step Four - After double clicking and selecting the folder you will notice that it is empty.

Simply “right click” again and select paste. A window will pop up saying “Copying 20

items” and you will see a bar slowly filling up. After a few minutes your files should be

copied to the folder and ready to access at anytime without the use of the disc.

Playing the Video Files

Step One - After you have saved the files to your “Desk Top” simply click on the folder

you created for the video files in the previous step. From there you can select the file

that you want to play by double clicking on it. It’s that easy!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Worship Service Resources Piano Accompaniment with

Lyrics is not a standard DVD, but rather an informational disc with video files on

it. This means it will not work in a regular DVD player. This product is designed

this way to give you more control over the files and what you want to do with


The staff at Worship Service Resources prays that this product will be a blessing for you

and your ministry. We strive to provide effective and user-friendly products. If you have

any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-977-6800.