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Encouraging Corporate Prayer

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God’s people have an incredible privilege to fellowship with Him in prayer. Corporate prayer should be vibrant, faith-filled and faith-building. Through corporate prayer, we can declare the character of God and our dependence on Him. We can seek His face together and submit to His work in and through our congregation. Prayer is a vital act of individual and corporate worship!

In most worship services today, however, prayer is given the least amount of focus, thought and time. We encourage you to put emphasis on your congregation praying together. Ask the Lord to breathe new life into your times of corporate prayer.


  • Begin and end corporate prayer adoring and exalting the might and power and glory of the Lord! Bring your requests to Him in that context.
  • Put emphasis on the congregation praying. Too often, corporate prayer is actually corporate listening.
  • Incorporate several times of prayer throughout the service, with each time focused on a different theme.
  • Gather around the altar or front of the sanctuary to pray.
  • Pray aloud together – use the bulletin, wordsheet or screen to facilitate this. Pray together prayers of adoration, thanksgiving, confession and commitment.
  • Pray in small groups, being mindful of guests.
  • Have someone share a brief testimony about what God is presently doing in their life. Invite the congregation to pray, thanking God for His work in the life of that person.
  • Pray the scripture. For example, pray Psalm 25:4-5 together.
  • Pray in response to scripture. For example, read Psalm 32:8 aloud, then give folks time to pray quietly about the personal decisions for which they need God’s leading.
  • Use directed prayer as a means to focus your congregation’s prayers for a specific need.
  • Have special times of prayer in the sanctuary/worship center during the moments just before the service begins. For example, invite folks to gather to intercede for prayer requests that have been written, in advance, on individual note cards.
  • Give careful attention to what goes before and after your times of prayer. Make certain it does not distract from prayer or treat the prayer time lightly.
  • Resist the temptation to use prayer as a format for presenting a mini-sermon or sneaking in an announcement.

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